our training

We value and practise a decentralized knowledge base as an alternative to the politics and finances required for institutionalized formal education, however we’re very careful to teach and use nationally (NOCP) accepted methods of care and keep methods up to date through research or (in some cases) certification.

[In other words – don’t worry. We only use ourselves as guinea pigs, not you!]

Our collective is formed of different individuals with varying certifications and levels of experience, but every member has been through (or is going through) a minimum of our self-imposed group training which covers the basics (ABC’s) plus emergency care (CPR, major bleeding, head trauma) and typical action-related injuries (eye washes & decontamination, blunt trauma & wound care).

In all, it adds up to over 20 hours or training with a heavy focus on practical skill.

In the future we hope to continue our education in a number of ways including homeopathy, naturopathy, mental health, de-escalation/self-defense skills & more!


If you or your group would be interested in a skill share please let us know!