upcoming trainings & actions

COMING UP: Street Medic Training for Activists (Hamilton Area)

Some rad folks from the TAC group will be hosting a Hamilton-area medic training for activists sometime in november!

The training will be free and is meant to prepare individuals to provide basic aid to fellow activists at demos or actions, covering the basics (wound care, including burns) as well as how to assess, treat and mitigate police inflicted injuries such as trauma (batons, crush) and chemical weapon treatment & aftercare.

The training will be fairly intense and compact, with theory and lots of practical.

If you’re interested in participating, please visit this group: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/218872934903805/ for more information and an availability poll. Final details will also be posted there.

You can also directly fill out your availability for a training date here: http://doodle.com/apkf54n667yx6itw

When a date and location has been set a follow up email will be sent out. To ensure you receive that follow-up email please indicate your interest to TACstreetmedics@gmail.com with “Hamilton Training” in the subject line.



Team Recruiting : Ongoing!

(June 2013)

hello fellow activists & revolutionaries!

We are the Toronto Area Collective of Street Medics, and we’ve been the ones doggedly trying to cover the amazing number of actions in the GTA (as well as Ottawa, Hamilton & Montreal) over the past year or so. It’s been fun and a fantastic learning experience and we’d like you to join us!

What you would be doing: providing front line medical support during demonstrations where we’re needed.

You don’t need ANY medical certifications or street medic experience: everyone gets in-depth training (basics, wound care, trauma, chemical weapons & tactical). Of course if you have some, that’s awesome too!

We’re going to be having an orientation session for more info, and to discuss experiences, expectations, principles etc. We’ll also address any questions, and then figure out a day/time that works best for people’s schedules to have training on.

If you’re interested in knowing more about us, our principles & goals to ensure we’re compatible you can browse this site.

If you’d like to attend the orientation, please email us at TACstreetmedics@gmail.com for more information.

peace & sol, the TAC street medic team


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