self-care & aftercare

Don’t underestimate the mental of emotional aspect of having been involved in some heavy actions. You may find yourself unable to eat or nauseous. You may have difficulties sleeping, nightmares or flashbacks at odd times. This is just your brain trying to process things.

If you attend an action with friends, it might be helpful to discuss or “debrief” when you regroup after an action. If you didn’t attend with someone, try speaking with someone who at least understands & can provide an empathetic ear or write it out. Take some “you” time and allow yourself to process what it is you went through.  Get a good night’s sleep.

Be good to yourself & your body. Especially if you were pepper sprayed or tear gassed – remember that your body is still processing the toxins it absorbed.

Most of all recognize that they want you afraid and that fear is their number one weapon but you are STRONGER. Give yourself a break & rise to fight again another day.


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