make it go away


Flush with lots of saline or contact lens solution. Use the LAW mixture followed by saline if you’re comfortable with that method. Water works in a pinch, but is a bit harsher on the eyes. If you have nothing available, just allow your eyes to tear. Keep blinking rapidly.


On exposed skin it’s probably easiest to use the LAW mixture on site for some relief if you’re in severe pain, or soap when you get home & have a shower. Don’t use oil or cream soaps, and don’t scrub too hard.

If untreated, the pain of pepper spray will diminish as it dries on your skin. This will reactivate to some extent when you take a shower or sweat.  Keep the water as cool as you can stand to help diminish the pain & keep your pores from opening up.


Some street medics & emergency departments will sometimes use the MOFIBA technique to decontaminate skin, but this can be tricky and requires the proper technique to be effective and not cause further pain or burns. If you’re going to use it, know what you’re doing beforehand.


Wash them with the harshest oil-busting detergent you can find.

Twice if you want to be safe.

[some sites recommend using castile soap, but we’ve never really had an issue using regular detergents]


Note: Since just about every single demo prep guide we’ve ever read, including ours, specifies to NOT wear contact lenses to demos we would expect you to not be wearing contacts lenses, but if for some reason you DID wear them and got nailed with pepper spray or tear gas your absolute first priority should be to get those contact lenses out of your eyes. Use clean hands/fingers if possible. It could be a chore, with all the swelling, but you absolutely need to get them out. Try to keep calm & concentrate. When you get them out – and you will, we have faith in you – you can toss them in the garbage. They’re no good anymore.


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