If it touches the skin it will cause an inflammatory reaction & pain. Ever cut up a bunch of habaneros without gloves? It’ll feel kinda like that. It will also cause the delicate tissues in your eyes to swell and your eyes to tear; you’ll be temporarily blinded. Your sinuses will overproduce mucous. You might have difficulty breathing, especially if you have a previous respiratory issue. You make cough or vomit, depending on your exposure.

The good news is that the pain or discomfort you feel is only temporary. You can, and will, get through it.

The worst is usually over within 10-15 minutes, particularly after decontamination, and nearly completely gone after an hour. With either, your eyes may feel dry/scratchy/sensitive for a day or so afterwards. If you didn’t decontaminate thoroughly (this goes for yourself or your clothes) the chemicals may reactivate with moisture and cause pain.


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