Identifying a burn

Red/sore – 1st degree

Clear blisters – 2nd degree superficial

Cloudy blisters – 2nd degree deep

dry/brown/leathery – 3rd degree

the first step in treating ANY burn is to remove the source of the burn

if it’s a chemical powder brush it off

if it’s a thermal burn remove yourself from the heat/extinguish flames etc.

next you want to cool the burn to stop it from progressing

thoroughly flush chemicals off the skin or from eyes

run thermal burns under cool, running water

lastly, assess & dress your burn

if you have a serious burn over a large or important area (face, hands) seek medical care

cover 1st or 2nd degree burns loosley with dry, sterile gauze

cover 3rd degree burns loosely with wet, sterile gauze


use ointments, oils or raw eggs on fresh burns

[they can trap the heat & worsen the burn, or cause infection]

use ice on a burn

[it will cause more damage to the skin cells]

ever use vinegar to rinse eyes from pepper spray

[ever! No matter what anyone tells you!]

pop blisters

even if they’re annoying!

[it is your body’s healing process;

breaking the skin risks infection of the burn]


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