blunt trauma

If you’ve ever gotten a look at a riot baton you know they’re pretty intimidating. If you’ve ever been hit with one, you know what they’re capable of with even the least amount of force behind them.

Point is – if you are unlucky enough to get whacked with one, you’re going to be sore. If it hit a fleshy or muscular part you can expect pain, swelling and bruising. This bruising could be extensive, spreading past the borders of your injury and be deep purple in colour. This is normal.

Treat it with rest and ice to cut down on the swelling. Keep an eye on the swelling if it’s on a limb. Make sure blood continues to circulate well past the injury site (i.e. if you were hit in the thigh, make sure your toes are still warm & pink, if they are normally).

If it hit a bony area – such as your forearm, shoulder/collarbone, wrist/hand or rib area you should consider the possibility of a fracture. If there is extreme pain, swelling, bruising, loss of motion or an obvious deformity get an x-ray.

If you were jabbed in the stomach or sides, do a self-assessment & if necessary get a friend to keep an eye on you. If you have a large rapidly growing area of bruising & find yourself getting week, nauseous, disoriented or showing other signs of shock, get to a doctor immediately. You may have internal bleeding.


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