action fashion

Never wear contact lenses – again they can trap these chemicals in your eye and cause permanent damage to your eyes.

In general, wear closed-toe/protective shoes or boots you can run in. While some of us are certainly guilty of wearing sandals in the summer, we do so at our own risk. Oh – it’s probably not the best day to try out your brand new boots/heels etc.

[Blisters are hell]

Fuzzy fabrics like fleece tend to trap pepper spray against your skin. Not a good thing, so try to avoid them.

If you think there’s even a remote chance of pepper spray or tear gas being used against you, consider covering as much skin as possible.

While a gas mask with a filter is the best and only way to ensure complete protection against chemical weapons some relief can be had using a bandana/fabric soaked with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or (last choice) plain water. This will only work a couple times, and not as a long term strategy to exposure. Also remember that vinegar is pretty potent itself – use a plain untreated bandana against your skin to help with this.

For eye protection, look for shatter resistant goggles. Make sure to try them on for fit and anti-fogging properties beforehand. If there are anti-fogging holes on the side you will have to seal them for protection.

If you are even thinking of picking up a CS canister, bring thick heat-resistant gloves. Second & third degree burns on your hands aren’t fun, even if for a worthy cause.

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